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D&M Auto is horrible place to do business.A bunch of pushy salesmen that try to swindle you every chance they get.

The vehicles are not throughly checked by a licensed mechanic. Some of the salesmen smoke *** or at least I could smell it on him as he walked past me, totally unprofessional. Make promises and don't follow through. We bought a vehicle through D&m Auto and we can't get it to pass D.E.Q the water throughout the engine block was rusted!

Harassed about having the car shut down with low jack... They need to pull their head out of their a** and treat people with more respect. With more respect, they would have more customers, and satisfied customers at that. Now my son is stuck with a lemon for the next few years.

You guys take the cake and I don't mean that in a nice way.

Lemon law should apply here.

Pissed off Mom in Gresham

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D & M manipulated & pushed us into buying a car that drove from the lot, 2miles down the road ran out of gas, and hasnt started since we turned it off when we got home.

Do not do business with these guys, they have lied to us &asked us to lie to a finance company for them about our down payment.

Devastating purchase:(

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