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As described in a previous complaint, my son traded in his car for a $7,000 Dodge Durango.They are in Portland, he lives in Longview, WA.

15 minutes after leaving with car, it breaks down on side of the road. When he calls them from the side of the road, they tell him that its his problem now. After some yelling, they tow the car back but tell him there's nothing they can do. When I call them, the owner -- Richard Duncan starts screaming at me and tells me he's burnt.

He goes on to say " Do you know how many times I have done this to people --- take whatever legal actions you want." What a piece of *** this guy is. DONT BUY FROM THIS PLACE... My boy had to go there with the police to try and get something done. Doubt he gets anywhere but man....

PLEASE DONT BUY FROM THIS GUY.... Oh, just as a side note, I had my son contact the State Attorney Generals office. They already had a file started on him. Gosh...

wouldnt it be great if pieces of *** like this guy would go out of business.:)

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*****Disclaimer: This might be hard to read as this is 7 months worth of *** from D&M. Not to mention, I wrote most of it in anger at them for their actions. I apologize to whomever is reading this!***

On Weds 10/19, my husband and I set out to buy a car. We went on Craigslist for "car deals" in our area. My husband found D & M in Portland Oregon on 82nd Ave so he called and spoke with someone who said we could come down and look.

That afternoon, my husband I got to the car lot and was greeted by a salesman (whom I cannot remember his name). After talking to him for a little bit to tell him what we were looking for. I made the suggestion to fill out the application first to see what we could get approved first and then go from there. We were all in agreement so we went inside their waiting room. The waiting room was filthy and small. We sat down at a table. While we proceeded to fill out the application the saleman was called away to "run an errand". We were advised that another saleman would help us. At this time a kid (he looked to be in his ealy 20's) started to help us. We finished filling out the application and the new salesman took the application to his "manager". About 30 minutes later the "manager" (Andrew) comes to the talke and does his regular spiel. "Congrats, I can approved you for X car. Let's show it to you". This car happens to be a baby blue Excursion. We immidiatly fell in love with the car. Both hubby and I get in the car and take it...

We get back to the lot and I don't see anything else we wanted so we go back into the waiting room. We all sit down and the saleman goes to tell Andrew that we like it. They procede to do the paperwork (you , the lovely financials). Andrew comes down, he offers us a price. We are not happy with the price considering the inside needs a little work. Now I am aware that this a used car dealership and 98% of the cars are sold as is but I still had some room to be picky, and picky I was going to be! Anyway, we immidiatly shoot the price down, telling them that the inside needed some work (which we would do.. no problem) but there are some things that are wrong with the car. Andrew says ok, let me see what I can do. He comes back with another price and wants us to fix everything including the inside of the car. I immidiatly tell him "no way, absolutly NOT!!!". He says ok, lets see what I can (again). This time he comes back with the down payment being $3500, fixing only one thing on the car (ABS issue) and $375 payment. I tld him AGAIN no way... I was willing to compromise but the car issues had to be fixed (outside) and we only had $1500 down. FINALLY, he agreed to those stipulation except we put an extra $500 (total of $2000)... that was fine, I got most of what I wanted plus I REALLY loved it!

Deal is done.... Yay! Andrew tells us to call him the next day. Thursday rolls around and my husband calls him 6 times.. no answer at the number gave us and the dealer takes a message. Friday rolls around. hubby calls 3 more times and is told a message will be taken. No call backs. I get home from work that afternoon... and call them myself. FINALLY Andrew picks up the phone. I tell him that we want to bring in the car to be fixed. He says ok bring it tomorrow (Friday). We agree on a time.

The next day, hubby takes the car in. He is told that they want to look it over and to bring it back on Weds of the following week. Great! Hubby takes it back on Weds 10/26. After about 3 hours of waiting around, he is told that they have to order the part and to bring it back on Friday first thing in the morning. They will get him a loaner car so he doesnt have wait around for 8 hours (I was at work and couldn't pick him up) Hubby takes the car in again. He is told that they are waiting for a loaner car and one should be soon. Hubby continues to wait... and wait... and wait... and wait. I get off at 2pm (6 hour after all this) and hubby tells me he is still waiting. I go and pick him up.

Next day rolls around, still no word (thursday). Friday rolls wround. We get a call saying the car is ready. Hubby gets down to the dealer and picks it up. As he is getting home, the check engine light comes back on. GREAT! He calls the dealer again. They say bring it in on Monday and they will take a look at it. hubby takes it that same day to another mechanic around our house. They tell us it is the oxygen scensor. Monday rolls around, hubby takes it back to the dealer and tells them what was said. They say they will look at it. When they do, they tell him that it is something entirly but they will need to have it a full day, bring it in on Weds... Hubby does just that. They keep it again until Friday. This time I go and pick it up. The mechanic (Mike) tells me he drove it around the block and it runs smooth. Yay! just what I like to hear!!!

I proceed to take it off the lot, make a left turn, the check engine light comes back on. Explicives come out of my mouth as I am flipping a U-turn to go back to the lot. I get there and Mike is still standing in the lot. As I get out I tell him check engine light is still on. He runs his little computer tells, drives it around the block and tells me that it never came on again.. it could have been the scensor wasnt reset. Ok, great. I proceed home. No light, runs great. I am extatic! Can't wait to tell hubby. I almost get home, climbing up a small little after getting off of the freeway in Gresham... guess what?? The check engine light goes on... however instead of staying on, it flashes all the way home, the chug (hesitation) is back, and it performs the same as when we got it. Arg!

At this point I am as livid as the first time.... and so I get home and let hubby know. He goes out and checks under the hood to see if he sees anything.. nothing. Walks around to the gas tank and plays with the gas cap... he says I think that was the issue.. I think I fixed it so I will drive to work tomorrow.

He drives to Camas. On his way home, the "check engine" light comes back (flashing). He calls and speaks with the owner of the company (Jim). The guy tells him that all cars are sold "as is" (true, but we had certain stipulations put in the contract). After he learns this he tells my hubby to call him tomorrow (today 11/7). Hubby does and now is told to bring in tomorrow (Tuesday 11/8). We will now see what happens....

Moral of the story... don't buy a car from this dealership. While waiting, there were things we saw happen to other buyers. This is all hearsay from me so I won't go into them... but I would reccomend that you not buy from this dealer. They are shady and untrustworthy!

Update: on 11/17 my husband is told that they will trade him out of the car and get him into another one. Great! The news we been waiting for! Catch… we didn’t get out original $1300 back from the lemon they sold us and in addition they wanted us to put down another $2300. I was able to talk them into taking $1000 however this still didn’t make me happy since they threw my first $1300 out the window. Oh well. I am hoping this will be the LAST time I have to deal with D&M Auto Sales. They suck and anyone else who reads this and still buys a car from them, well, I have no mercy on how they treat you or the car you get from them!

Update: On Sunday 12/4, my husband gets a call from the dealer stating we have to go back down there to re-sign our papers from the second car they sold us. Apparently they faxed the paperwork to the finance company and they never received and then resent it to them via Fed Ex. They claim that was lost too. On Monday, 12/5, we both went down there to resign and were told this same story. My husband mad the comment that they have not just wasted a month of our time but it is turning out to be 2 ½ months. Their response was :well we are giving you an extra 45 days out for your car payments.” And… “It’s not our problem. You want the car right?” I felt like telling them to kiss off and give me my money back but I knew that would be fat chance…….

Update: On 1/3 my husband gets a call from Westlake who is our car loan company for both the old car and the Dodge Ram. They tell him that his car payment for the first car we were traded out still hasn’t been received. After some arguing that we hadn’t had this care in a month they said they would call the car dealership.

Update: On 1/10 we get another call from Westlake stating that we were now in collections for the first car. After telling them we haven’t had that car and the last conversation we had with another rep on 1/3 she advised us to call the dealership. So, my husband called and left 2 messages today. He then called on 1/11.. same… messages. He called again for another 3 days. All messages. He finally called them on 1/15 and gets someone on the phone who says they will take care of it ASAP. We get a call from Westlake 2 days later verifying our information for the Ram.

Update: 1/30- Hubby gets a call from the car dealership saying we have to resign our papers for a third time for the Dodge Ram. James tells them ok, but we are not drinving down there to you AGAIN.. it is just too far. They make arrangement to come to us at 5pm on 1/30. 5pm comes and goes… 6pm comes and goes… still no shows. They call on 1/31 telling us we needed to come down there to the dealership. I got the phone from my hubby and told Tritan that we were not coming down there. We weren’t wasting anymore time on this and that this was the third time they wanted us to sign something. He made up an excuse saying that Westlake never took the car out of their system and so they are at fault. Because I had already talk to Westlake and knew what was happening, I called his bluff and told him to quite lying to us. Tritan proceeded to tell me he needed our current stubs, bills, you know, the standard stuff we had already brought them 4 times before this. Because it has been so many times I was pissed. I told him the if he didn’t use what he already had then he needed to return both of the down payments and that I was giving the car back. He said no that was ok and that he was sending David to our house. I told him he needed to be there by 5:30 and if not I wasn’t answering the door. At 5:30 David showed up and proceeded again to tell me he needed our income information. I told him he wasn’t getting it and talk to Tritan if he problems. We signed these papers and I told David that I will not be signing them again and I asked for copies to be send to me so that in case they “got lost” again I could send them to Westlake. As of now I still don’t have them. I doubt I will see them again either.

Update: March 15th we get a call from Matt that they lost the papers AGAIN!! Are you serious??? So I tell them that we are no coming down there to sign these papers. Matt then makes arrangements for him to drive to our house. When he gets there, we sign the papers. No copies are given nor is there an apology! REALLY? Matt leaves, says our the paperwork will be processed and ok to make a payment on the car on the 20th. We should receive paperwork from Westlake as well.

March 20th rolls around, no paperwork from Westlake. My hubby calls them and they tell him that they still haven’t received the new info.. but wait.. they have the old info and we are 2 months late on our payment. James tells them the situation and they tell him that they will call D&M. James gets a call about 3 hours later saying that D&M will send the paperwork and for now hold off on payment.

March 28th: James is home during the day. He gets a knock on the door. Opens it, and who do you think is there. The guys from D&M Auto. They tell James that because he hasn’t made a payment to them for the truck they need to take it… What? What payment? As the one gets in, he states that Westlake didn’t finance us anyway so we wouldn’t have been able to keep it… Ok, what about our down payment.. nope, don’t get that back because we didn’t make the rest of our down payment..

Because we didn’t want to fight anymore with them, we let it go! We didn’t want to talk to them, hear about them, or deal with them anymore. We even assumed they called Westlake…

Update: Well it is now May 16th. Guess what, James got a call this morning from Westlake saying that they hadn’t received a payment from us in 2 months. James tells them that he already spoke with Westlake a few days ago to let them know they came and took the car in March. Westlakes says, yes she sees that but they haven’t been able to get in touch with D&M. Can he try and help? So he does, and learns all lines are disconnected. He calls Matt’s cell phone (as he had that still in his phone). Matt answers and says that last week (date unknown) the DMV came and shut them down. I understand this is all hearsay but according to Matt, DMV walked in, demanded titles, loan papers, down payment receipts, etc… and was not able to get them so they shut them down. The owner is apparently (possibly) going to jail because he screwed a lot of people. Matt apparently is now calling Westlake to see what he help with. I don’t believe him.. but.. what can I do. James called Westlake himself and spoke with them. They say it is supposed to go on our credit now but she would speak with a manager and call James back. In the meantime, we now have to contact a lawyer.. we will see… even if we don’t get our money back at least by getting a lawyer with prove a point with this man and hopefully send his butt to jail for a long time.

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WTF!!!!!!!!!My wife and I went in to look at a 2001 Suburban.

We got pushed in to a 98 POS Expedition. They took my $1000 down and that's when the games began. The rig has more problems then not. When I wanted to bring it back I got ran around by this guy Matt.

What a piece of work all he doors is talk around what you need and LIE. NOW IM OUT $1000! OH but wait I still have the expedition. I need help getting a title.

If anyone has any advice for me I sure could use it.Thanks and good luck to all involved.


My name is Kiara James , and if you are / were a victim of a scam by D and M auto i , urge you yo file a complaint with the BBB as well as with the attorney general's office here in Portland. Those people have been warned not to continue doing bad business , yet they keep on doing the same thing over and over again ( this has to be stopped) i urge you all to file your complaints as soon as possible .


This place looks like it is slowly going out of business now..If anyone who has bought a car there has a gripe with them I suggest you go down there before they vanish.It's about time these a**holes go bankrupt.


the fat one is named terry mason jr, he is the silent partner his phone number is 360-907-8611, richard duncon is the real owner and has nothing to do with the buisnes.if you talk to someone saying there richard, its realy terry jr...

richards cell is 360-901-2157. terrys parents own terrys auto sales in vancouver. there cell numbers are 360-921-8928 and 360-713-8321.

they live in kalama wa right of the freeway at the top of a apartment complex they own.they have a nother son who owns metro motors, wes mason 360-518-1010 and his wife mellisa 360-909-8888

his silent partner is named tom ellis i think his number is 360-771-6553


My name is vonetta johnson.I bought a 2002 suzuki and there was more than what they said that was wrong with it.

When i tried to get it fixed it took me 9 times of going down there and i had to pawn all of my stuff. I took it to get an oil change for 19.99 and i came out paying 312 because the oil was black and they had to weld something called the differeinchel. The bults was rusted and i had no coolent at all. Also we got a loan out through them on my husband 1998 ford explorer for 250 by a guy named Matt and he scammed use.

I have debit collectors calling my house saying that i owe 1582 dollars but that is funny because i didnt even get the car from them. I bought the car a year ago from a totaly different place and payed cash money for it. These people our scammers and they will try to rip you off. They are famous for taking advantaged of people.

We all should meet outside of D&M and protest and also warn people. I have a son and i don't want nobody to go what i am going through. It's time to take action who's with me. PS.

i contacted the attorny general.People keep complaining and filling out paper through the attorny general.


they really need to b put out of business they are terrible people, i got a tahoe when i left the property it started shaking, although they claimed there was new this and new that, nothing was new, a tweeker salesman that worked with me was very pushy, said bring car back tomorrow no mechanic is here till tomorow i left the vehicle there refused to take back off lot, he said i would get my down payment back thank god my son recorded the conversation, because later he denied saying it, however he no longer works there, after arguing and threatining bbb i got a good car and then caught them talking about me, the car had a clunk they tried to say it was from i took it into les schwab and they said take back now to have fixed the sub cover was damaged and not safe..

yes after arguing they fixed it, however kept it for 4 days i had to put everyone out by taking me to work my childs bball practice and games, then i get a call from rachell at my job very rude unprofessional and snotty telling me that if i dont bring my 2 bank statements in that day they would reposes my car, i only owned it 5 days and 4 it just sat at the lot waiting for them to fix it, when it was fixed i took to firestone to get an alignement, because the car was all over the road and come to find out they didnt even tightens the bolts, so my under frame was loose and all over, were they trying to kill me at this point.these people are scammers my odometer didnt match up with the miles...

im glad the finance company took over i would never ever recomend these snakes to anyone..what bothered me so much is that i saw the last day i was there a little old man trying to get a car just being takin advantage of....

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if any one has been rip off by this company or has been mis treated pls call me and let me know the more the better


yeah they are a pieces of *** liers and they dont have certified mechanics and yeah they sell cars that dont pass DEQ and head blown gaskets they are bad scammers and they need to be out of business


We should all get sings and stand in front of there lot lets make a date

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